Nano Prologue: Origins of the Xi’an

Children’s riddle: Of all the Landless Ones, she alone has no land but is the Mistress of all the Land. Who is this Life-giving Lady?

Answer: The Queen.


This is the only known reference about the connection of the landless nobility, the six Landless Lords, the Xi’an, the Weapons of the Queen who are traditionally her bodyguard, and the ones who are named after each of the Elements, including that of the Dark and the Light, to the Queen of Jiat.

The Queen is the embodiment of all duality in Jiat; she is Queen and King, Father and Mother, Parent and Child, All Lands are hers yet they are Not, The Magical and the Physical, and the Daughter of Life and Favoured of Death. By this, she is both Supreme Ruler of Jiat and the servant of the common people. As a Daughter, she protected her mother, the previous Queen, leading her own circle of Xi’an.

Jiat is assumed to be bound unusually close to the Wheel of Fate, so the line has remained uninterrupted from the First Queen to the current 27th, Queen Felicity. With a few exceptions, so do the Xi’an, whose various bloodlines tie them together to the Queen.

As of this Generation, it is said that Felicity’s Xi’an are planning to offer their adopted children, who are distant offshots of the main bloodline, as the Xi’an to Felicity’s daughter, Geraldine, in an attempt to break their lines from Karma, and by doing so, break Jiat from its karmic fate. Indeed, Felicity’s reign has already seen far more turbulence than most worlds; she came to the throne long after her mother had passed, having denied it by her father.

But Karma spins as she spins, Time Moves as he moves, and the Creator and Destroyer draw closer to their purposes.

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