[Politics] Easy way to win votes

Let non-Muslims marry Muslims without having to convert. And their children to be subject to secular law rather than Islam’s. Hey, if Islam is as beautiful as you say, the children will convert to it after all.

Remember, there is no compulsion in Islam. No one should have to be forced to follow a religion that doesn’t jive with their souls. But then again, our leaders seem to be more concerned with keeping the numbers and us apart rather than uniting the country. Just read this particular entry for more details.

1 thought on “[Politics] Easy way to win votes”

  1. except that in Islam, children of a Muslim father are automatically Muslim. That’s why Muslim men can marry whoever but Muslim women can only marry Muslim men – you keep the religion in the bloodline.

    nothing to do with votes, and if ANY party did that they would lose a SIGNIFICANT amount of votes from conservative Malays – particularly the rural folk who have close ties to tradition, don’t get too tied up in politics, but don’t want their livelihood threatened either.

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