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“Fool me once, my bad. Fool me twice, you’re dead.”

Look to the shoe it is too small!

there’s blood from cutting her foot to fit.

Prince, Prince, Look again!

She can’t stand, she can only sit!

There was once on a time, a Fae princess who was extremely proud, and thought herself, extremely clever. If a wooer came she gave him some riddle to guess, and if he could not find it out, he was sent to her work shop to sew beautiful clothing for her. She let it be made known also that whosoever solved her riddle should marry her and have the riches of the Court.

At length three tailors fell in with each other, the two eldest of whom prized themselves great artists of tapestry. The third was a little useless but clever and thought he may have luck.

They all three lined themselves up to the princess, claiming the wisest of them had understandings so fine – it could be threaded in a needle. The Fae Princess smiled.

“I have two kinds of hair on my head, what color is it?”

“If that is all,” said the first, “it must be black and white; like cloth that is called pepper and salt.” The princess shook her head and waited for the second.

“If not black and white, then its brown and red, like my father’s coat.”

“Another slave for my closet,” mocked the princess, “let the third answer, for I see he knows for certain.”

The little tailor stepped forth boldly and said, “The Princess is Fae, she has a silver and a golden hair on her head, those are the two different colors.” The Fae turned white as sheets and nearly fell with terror, she had firmly believed that no man on earth could discover it. When her pride returned she said, “Thou hast not won me yet by that; there is still something else that though must do. Below in a stable is a troll with which though shalt pass the night, and when I get up in the morning if thou art still alive, thou shalt marry me.”

She expected, however; she should thus be rid of the tailor, for the troll had never left any one alive who had fallen into its clutches.

When evening came the tailor was taken to the cages. The troll set upon the little fellow with a welcome of its claws: “Softly, softly,” said the tailor, “I will soon make thee quiet.” Without a care in the world he revealed some nuts and cracked them and ate them. The troll was seized with a desire for some as well. The tailor felt and handed him a handful of pebbles. Try as he might the troll couldn’t crack the nut.

The tailor thus began to amuse himself on a violin. When the troll heard the music, it too wanted to learn. The tailor smiled at the beast, “Light enough for a child. Look with the left I lay my fingers and with the right I stroke it with the bow, merrily it sings a song.”

“If thou hast a talent for it I’ll give you lessons, but you’re claws are terribly long, I must cut them.” Then the tailor fashioned a thumbscrew upon the trolls hands and left it on tight and snug. “Now you must wait till I come with scissors.”

When the Fae Princess heard the troll roaring fearfully in the night, she believed nothing else but that the tailor was dead. But in the morning she realized with dread, she must fulfill her promise, made in front of the entire Court. She, who thought herself so wise, had been had by someone who knew not his wisdom.

Wizened are practical and talented. They are products of a capricious and giving faerie. These Fae brought help and wealth to the needy individual. However; when offended they remind us of our place. The Wizened were kidnapped by such faeries and have endured this strange malice. They were trained by unreliable faerie taskmasters and have become tireless workers carrying tireless spite. Theirs is a lesson in Desire and Pride.

Their escape from the faerie realm was fought using cunning and viciousness. They were bribed, chained and ensorcelled. They were threatened, cajoled and tricked. They escaped through a labyrinth of tasks which required multiple attempts before they broke free.

Many wizened make a point of rising above their Pride and Desires if only because it got them there in the first place.

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Mages live in the moment, experiencing life to the fullest. They enjoy people, as well as material comforts. Rarely allowing conventions to interfere with their lives, they find creative ways to meet their needs. They are excellent team players, focused on completing the task at hand with maximum fun and minimum discord. Active types, they find pleasure in new experiences.

Mages take a hands-on approach in most things. They learn more by doing than by studying or reading, they tend to rush into things, learning by interacting with their environment. They usually dislike theory and written explanations. They tend to do well when they see the relevance of a subject and are allowed to interact with people.

Observant, practical, realistic, and specific, Mages make decisions according to their own personal standards. They use empathy quite well. Naturally attentive to the world around them, they are keen observers of human behavior. They quickly sense what is happening with other people and immediately respond to their individual needs. They are especially good at mobilizing people to deal with crises. Generous, optimistic, and persuasive, they are good at interpersonal interactions. They often play the role of peacemaker due to their warm, sympathetic, and tactful nature.

An aura of strength surrounds the Mage. With increased intelligence and magic, Mages have the ability to wipe out an enemy in battle by casting a spell with the power to cause an enormous amount of damage at once. But because so much of their life was devoted to learning and researching magic, they are not as physically fit as others. Therefore, long marches and battles may be quite overwhelming. They usually find the foe’s weak point from afar and wreak havoc by dishing out a focused spell to demolish their enemy in one blow.

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As for the desktop:

On ubuntu, my last modified folder is my desktop:

Desktop Screenshot- I change my wallpaper too often

Edit: As requested by [Luc], my Windows folder:

My Music Folders:

My folder called: Alphabetical no Album

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This is where I keep my FSTs:
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This is my Japanese music folder:
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Video folders… is somewhere. 😀

And sky! I figured out which is my oldest fic… OMG so embarrassing this one wei:

Old Fic is old

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