Covering her eyes,
She tried to stop the tears
They came, hot against her cheek
Rolling down against her will

She knew not why she cried
Sadness, anger, regret, mournful
For as long as the music played
she allowed herself to cry
Letting the wails out
Aginst a world that no longer made sense

She cried not for the loss of lives
But in sorrow at her own inactions
Cried for regret, for everything that had happened
And everything that did not

Still the tears flowed
Regret unending
Alone in her sorrow
Pitiful in her loneliness
Tears for the dead
Reaching out for the living

Alone, quietly
The mask fell away
A selfish, prideful woman stood
Tears falling down her cheeks
Stripped away of pretense

In the dark she stood
Unwilling, unable to reveal herself
Of everything that could be transformed, she was an egg
Seeming hard-shelled on the outside
Infinitely fragile on the inside

As the song ended
So did her tears
Wiping them away
She put the mask on
If the world was a stage, she wanted the limelight
But not enough to let all her flaws show