Today’s Birthday, tomorrow’s Death

Today is rylands` 27th birthday. Or he would have been that today.

Tomorrow marks the first year since boss rylands, aka Bernard Foo, was taken away. After two months of hanging on, he finally breathed his last shortly after midnight the day after his birthday. That was a cool way to go, but it doesn’t soothe the loss.

I don’t know ryls that well, except in my duty as a IRC op, appointed by him. But he made me remember not to take life too seriously.

I still remember the first and last time I met him when I first went up to Penang. He was wiping the frames of old photo albums, remnants that weren’t burnt by the fire that gutted his house just a few days ago. I introduced myself and offered to help, but he smiled and said that we (bro, me and onii-chan) should have come yesterday to help. I felt uncomfortable, but there was a casual way about boss that made you smile anyways.

I had another reason for going to see boss. Boss had speculated that my uke had just hooked up with someone, and he thought it was another Penang channeller. Instead, me and my uke went to boss, and after introductions, my uke held our entwined hands up, making boss laugh and shakes his head, I think. He never expected that.

He had this very laissez-faire, easygoing attitude that simply accepted life as it came. ryls gave the sense of being someone who was serene and calm at the core, despite his love of humour and the way he teased others.

I can’t write anymore, else I’ll cry in the office.

Rest in Peace, Ryls. The #rylands channellers are coming up to see you.

The ones left behind send their love.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Birthday, tomorrow’s Death”

  1. lol i rmbed that.
    he told us about you and raz intro-ing to him last time 😀 and the hands thing
    i think it was 2006 ? :3

    Geminianeyes: Feb 2007. Can’t believe it was just last year…

  2. Would have gone up for his anniversary if I could, but I’ll send my love along with those going. 🙂 RIP Ryls.

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