Pondering thoughts

Something [Raz] was telling me about got me thinking.

Back in college, I remember that there were two distinct groups of girls. With the exception of a few, most girls in college would fall into either the category of:

– Preferring to do things themselves

– Having someone look after them/do things for them

There was something about the way they dressed that gave off this aura. Even if both wore similar clothing, it was easy to see which girl wanted to be looked after, and which one would prefer to do it themselves.

The ones who wanted to be taken care of were almost always the ones who had the most fashion sense/style. They were the ones who always wanted to look good and professional. They are arguably, the women who took really good care of their appearance and surroundings. I’m not saying that they depend on guys to live, no. Rather, they are the women who had this aura of independence with enough feminine appeal to most men, especially those who are turned on by having a lady as their companion, someone who will defer to them yet rule them with a subtle hand.

Then there are those who don’t belong in that category. The women who dress for comfort, for practicality, for purpose. Women like me. For us, clothes are a matter of covering and practicality. It’s not meant to adorn, it’s meant to be practical. As long as we look presentable, is there really a need to be more dolled up to appeal to the other sex? A lot of times, we don’t appeal to the other side because we’re seen to be boyish; too close to their interests. Men who gravitate to these women tend to be the kind that aren’t threatened by a woman’s independence and confidence; they thrive on it.

I suppose it’s not so much as the comparison between a housewife and a mistress that I’m trying to get to. I suppose it’s the comparison between women who are willing to take the chance and the women they don’t.

Funny how a woman’s dressing can say so much about her.

4 thoughts on “Pondering thoughts”

  1. Well… Beauty is not really about how you look, but rather about how you carry yourself.

    While you don;t have to be dolled up to the nines to look pretty, the attention you pay to your grooming does reflect on you as a person. The line between being comfortable/practical and sloppy is a very thin one and one should be careful not to veer over the side.

    So I think the key here, like most things in life, is to be PURPOSEFUL in how you dress.

  2. I dispute that. Mainly because you’d have no idea how I want to be treated by how I dress. And I like being taken care for. lol.

  3. Hmmm… Interesting take. I believe every girl does want to be taken care of to some extent.

    I mean, which lady wouldn’t want to wake up to Prince Charming providing breakfast in bed on a silver platter complete with a fresh rose?

    And while, Naoko does make a point: I agree that it is to be disputed to an extent.

    I mean, those that dress comfortably either are confident and fit into said category or are those who don’t think they’ll ever be dolls so they have to lug themselves through life.

    Then, you’ve got those who are all dolled up to be showered by attention and help but you also have those who dress to kill but are just as fiercely independent as some others, albeit in a more lady-like manner. One of my superiors for example is a head-turner in the office but she still prefers to work alone.

    *sigh* People. Isn’t it great that there are always anomalies to surprise us?

  4. Well, NOT all girls dress up to attract attention. From my perspective, I dress practically, but that does not mean I’ll put on anything wearable.

    To me, dressing up nicely and presentably is a way to boost up one’s confidence. I’ll never wear something, even if it’s practical, that makes people think I’m a middle-aged auntie. Same way, I’ll not wear something that portrays myself as a ‘damsel in distress’, you know, trying to attract guy’s attention.

    Confidence in oneself projects beauty. Who says a girl must dress up so that guys will come around and be her ‘caretaker’? Well, for those who loves to be ‘taken care’ of, I respect their needs.

    As for me, I’ve been independent for the past 20 over years and I’m still living happily with my principles. I don’t see the need to be taken care by a guy. There’s simply no such need. I can stand on my own feet for the rest of my life.

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