Yesterday’s service and cremation was more powerful than I anticipated. There are a few things that are niggling at me though:

If someone is stopping you from printing because he wants you to ask for his forgiveness for your sins against him, I wouldn’t call it patience. I’d call it pettiness.

Also, *touch wood*, Uncle A. IS NOT ALLOWED TO DELIVER THE EULOGY. Yes I may be dead, but the eulogy should be delivered by someone who knows me and will comfort others, not by someone who’s trying to assuage his guilty conscience.

That said, Parents are also out of the question. I’d prefer someone from the F-List instead, since I think you guys know me better. Yes, Viv, Ade, Lin, these mean you all too. :3

2 thoughts on “Eulogies”

  1. *hugs* I might not know you well, but you’re definitely one that will remain in my memory. Nao, you’re great to me in many ways, really.

    Geminianeyes: *Huggles* Same here, dear one. Thanks.

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