I find this very, very amusing. One wonders whether it will actually work, especially if you’ve already set your comp to NOT dial Windows/MS home when connected to the Net. In any case, Ubuntu FOR THE WIN!

*As an add-on to the above: I wouldn’t be surprised if suddenly we lost our Internet connection because TM’s comps shut down due to “unauthorised use” of Windows. 😀

4 thoughts on “Tidbits”

  1. Hahah… I did wonder how they wanna do that… blackout think tho. Mine still working normal~

    Geminianeyes: I suspect we’ll start hearing around 2pm. 😀

  2. Probably an attempt to scare people, there are no official news on any Microsoft website [I tried to search] about this “blackout” behavior.

    Geminianeyes: Probably FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) then. Quick edit: Looks like it only applies to whoever was dumb silly enough to install WGA.

  3. Update, it is confirmed.

    But it only change the windows background to black [Which I am using actually] and add a translucent message.

    Oh and I got a license too… OEM, delivered together with the machine.

    Geminianeyes: o_O Okies…

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