[Religion] Conversations with Dimmie, Sam and God

I blame [Uncle Sam] for this particular video. Some background: Some months ago, the Chapmans had one of the most gruesome accidents of any kind; the elder son, Will Franklin, ran over one of the younger daughters, Maria Sue. The tragedy was great, but what was amazing was their faith like Job.

How many dads you know would tell his son he loved him and not hated him in that one moment of madness immediately after the accident?

While talking about it with [DMJewelle] about it and of course, I lamented:

Long log is long:

Nao: … why is it always the good ones that get taken away?
DMJ: no it’s fair.
DMJ: the world is a rotten, sick, violent place.
DMJ: god puts them on earth to remind people of the good they can do and be, and when the lesson is learnt they go back.
Nao: …
Nao: you know, I never thought of it that way
Nao: thanks
DMJ: the longer you live, the less good you be.
DMJ: and even when the good ones suffer in pain and die, you just think WELL they just had it good because they’ll never need to worry about suffering and the future or whatever shit it holds.
Nao: ow
DMJ: isnt it?
DMJ: good people die because death takes you to paradise.
DMJ: the ultimate release
DMJ: it’s true what they say
DMJ: it’s only comforting because we all have to go through it even though we don’t know what’s in it.
Nao: but do their deaths always have to be so horrific?
DMJ: drives the point home.
DMJ: if good people died peacefully in their sleep, do you think we would fondly remember them?
Nao: depends really.
Nao: the people around them would, I supose
DMJ: compare:
Ryls dies in a massive gas bomb after being in a coma for days.
Ryls dies peacefully in his sleep following a stroke.
DMJ: would so many be eager to remember and memorialize him if his death wasn’t horrific?
Nao: the second one would have been more shocking
Nao: at his age at least
DMJ: stroke hits anybody
DMJ: weird lung tissue hits 2 year-old kids.
Nao: o_O
DMJ: medical science makes it harder to say “it can’t happen to me”
Nao: ow
DMJ: consider the following: a colleague who has no medical history of stroke, has clean bill of health…gets a stroke.
DMJ: doctors can’t figure out why, she can’t figure out why, and life goes on.
DMJ: also
DMJ: you say the 2nd death would’ve been more shocking
DMJ: it would’ve been shocking yes, BUT
DMJ: 1. there would’ve been less time to take it in, aND the body would be in good shape anyway.
DMJ: and we could all say well at least it was peaceful.
DMJ: and at the funeral you prolly could go and take a look at it.
DMJ: but an accident that causes disfigurement AND the death isn’t instant, that takes more time to sink in
DMJ: you go, see the comatose body, what shape it’s in
DMJ: ain’t pretty
Nao: good point
DMJ: compare to “he was a good man, so its nice he went peacefully (however weird it might be for 20somethings to die of stroke”
Nao: ah
DMJ: and that is why good people die in bad ways.
DMJ: except for mother theresa, because she was badass.
Nao: hahahaha
DMJ: they die in bad ways so that the gruesomeness of it all will always come back to beat you in the head and remember them.
Nao: she hung on longer than ANYONE expected
Nao: mmmm
DMJ: maybe she wasn’t that good after all
Nao: well, if we go by your theory, maybe she got corrupted by diana? :3
DMJ: young people tend to die in gruesome ways because of the human belief that children are all inherently good
DMJ: lol XD
DMJ: corrupted by the world more like 🙁
DMJ: this is a fallacy – children are inherently conscience-free.
DMJ: children are good because people make them good
DMJ: but anyway i think that’s about my train of thought
DMJ: if i go on any further i’ll keep finding two sides to everything +_+

And that’s the end.

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  1. It’s absolutely normal for the dad to be mad at the elder son to me, though. Unless he actually wanted his daughter to die. But I think I would choose to die peacefully, then. If according to what DMJ said, people who die in a gruesome way are people who’re good, I’d choose to be a bad guy who die peacefully. The surrounding people are surely sad in whatever way their friend die. And if the friend died in a gruesome way, that would further make the surrounding people feeling grievously hurt/painful. I believe whatever way I die, or whatever way my friends die, either peacefully or gruesomely, I’ll be the same be remembered and i’ll do the same as well to remember my friends, not about how they die but about what memory we’ve. But accidents are scary. People die in whatever way perhaps because of their fate. It’s nothing to do with how bad or good their personalities were, to me, though. I would want to die peacefully, so that my friends wouldn’t feel painful to see or even recall me. I would want them to remember how great memory we have together instead of how gruesome way i died in. So do the people who’re dead in a gruesome way, too. At least to me, rather than remember how scary or terrible the way of my friend’s death, I’d want to remember those good memories i have had with him. And, I believe we would meet up again one day. Oops, i wrote too long. sorry for my silly opinion. ><

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