[101] Rain

It was Independence Day.

As she pulled on her clothes, she heard the heavens open. Rain fell in a heavy curtain, cooling down the earth while restricting movement. It was a apt fit to her country. While they enjoyed the cool weather and the cleansing effects of the rain, they were restricted to their homes, both by the rain and their own laziness. This was what they had become. As the rain petered off, it remained a distant hum in the background. The rain would not stop her from her duties nor her desires.

I go where I will. That’s freedom.

2 thoughts on “[101] Rain”

  1. i guess i was at ur country a few days b4 the independence day. i saw celebrations of students waiving flags. it was aug 26 when we were back at malaysia.

    Geminianeyes: Ah, thanks! Yes, Independence Day is on 31 August.

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