Copywriters + Fonts = Wrong

An account manager asked us what font we used, mainly because there were apostrophes that leant slightly and others that were just a short line. Snippets of our conversation:

Me: I use Arial, cause it’s straight and easier to read.

[Grayfox]: Right, so we use the straight one.

Me: *Waits for the punchline*

[Grayfox]: And we don’t use the senget* ones.

*Note: Senget means bent in Malay, but local slang also means someone who isn’t straight sexually.

Another snippet:

Chris: I don’t like Arial cause it’s too straight.

Me and [Grayfox]: *Falls over laughing*

Chris: Oh shit.

[Joicy], when are you moving back here?? T_T

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  1. Lac August 25, 2008 / 5:18 PM

    I loled.

  2. Juice August 26, 2008 / 9:19 AM

    Move back here?? I’m at opis worr :D

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