Eventful weekend

The past few days have been a long weekend. I, for one, enjoyed such a long weekend. Helped that Mom and Dad were outstation on business, so my brother and I enjoyed our rare weekend of peace.

It’s been a long time since I felt so relaxed and free. I suppose what I really needed wasn’t so much a vacation from the house, but a vacation from the parents. It’s a really nice change.

Saturday was eat meatballs at Ikea day. It was a bitch to get into Ikea because they’d blocked off the main road leading in, so all other roads were jammed. We were lucky to get parking rather fast, and by the time the first round had arrived, people began to arrive. It was fun to gather everyone and simply chat. And of course, enjoy good food. With Malaysians, you can never go wrong with good food.

Got my money from [Luc] and [DMJewelle] for the zOMG boxes, which I am starting to think are a rip-off. -_-” There were a number of people at this gathering, so here’s hoping I can remember them all: Deru, my brother, [Dustyhawk], [Silencer], Dai, Guki, Zend, Zymz, Izzu, Tsukushi, their sister Ira, Skysky, and I met Onii-Chan [Philipp] too! Things were rather interesting, and I miss gossiping (sorry Deru!). We left around 5.30 and headed to the MPH Booksale, which was just ok. There weren’t that many good books. In the end, I went home with Terry Pratchett’s Wintersmith which was not too bad a read.

Sunday was spent at the church, random lunch with bro, then sleeping until the evening. I think I’ve learnt the reason why I sometimes have a splitting headache when I wake up; if it’s too humid and I wake up sweating, a migraine is sure to follow not too long after. Dinner was with my dad’s family as my uncle, my aunt’s husband, passed away recently and Sunday was the last day of the seven-day prayers. Dessert was to say goodbye to Keiichi who was flying back to the US. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to really chat with him, but hopefully I can catch him online soon. I want to know what happened to the script I wrote for him. 😛

Monday, today, as expected was a full day. Went with [Luc], Neon, Michy and May to Ikea. Bro tagged along because I mentioned that we were going there to eat meatballs. In the end we ate a combination of chicken, fish and chips, salmon, and meatballs. I love the Ikea brown sauce; it’s delicious. This was then followed by a quick trip home and being confined there by the rain, before we all headed out later to KLCC and Kinokuniya. Dropped two of the girls off at BTS before heading to the Ramadhan bazaar. Aaaaa it’s delicious!

That’s it for my weekend report! 😀

I’ve also started fasting, but I broke today’s fast about 20 minutes earlier than I’d expected to because of habit. ^^; Waking up in the early morning and getting a bite to eat before sitting down to meditate does wonders for the mind and the heart. I hope I can keep on doing this for the next few weeks.

Planning to start off with a water fast and probably head into a full fast within the coming week. They say what’s important isn’t the fasting but the reason, or niat. I’m fasting because I want to deepen my spiritual relationship with God/Goddess. It’s time to rediscover my roots.