Character Descript: Felicity Adraina Sokaramicy

Royal Family of Jiat
Current Ruler: Queen Felicity Adraina Sokaramichi
Generation: 14
Age: Late twenties

Daughter: Geraldine Rumika Sokaramichi
Mother: Elenia Soara Sokaramichi
Ancestress: Telemena


Eyes: Purple
Hair: Jet black
Skin: Deeply tanned- light chocolate brown
Build: Curvaceous (the Queen has had one child)
Height: 5 feet 9″
Weight: 64kg

Misc: Despite her looks, Queen Felicity is as much a warrior as she is regal. During her teens, she was forced into civil war against her father as he attempted to keep the throne from her against her mother’s wishes, intending to pass it instead to his son, and her brother, Felix.

The Queen is known as the Princess of Knives, being unafraid like her mother to challenge convention and using all resources available to her such as assassination to achieve her objectives. In spite of this though, she is seen to be far gentler than her father, for she at least gives clear warning and intention before she actually strikes.

Although rumours of this have reached the civilian population, they are unafraid of the Queen, who made much effort to be visible and remain popular. Rather, her pointed questions to Cabinet and the Parliament where they sit have always been: How will the lowest of the low benefit from this?

As such, beggary and other undesirables are nearly extinct. Crime is managed fairly well.

Favourite Clothes: In her younger days, the Queen tended to prefer britches and shirts because they made movement easy. On formal occasions, she would be dressed in military uniform. In her court finery, she prefers a simple long gown with her diadem, necklace, earrings and a coral bracelet on her left wrist.