The Gutterman Chronicles

Chris was adamant this morning that he never called himself the Gutterman. At this moment though, his Iron Man is caressing Akira’s butt, which he posed himself. Picture to follow, but then…

Chris: I never called myself the Gutterman.

Me: Yes you did. And I have [Grayfox] as my witness.

Chris: Since when? I never did so.

Me: Open my blog and you’ll see it.

Chris: No, I don’t want to. Besides, I didn’t say or do anything in the gutter today.

Me: Your Iron Man?

Chris: Oh shit.

3 thoughts on “The Gutterman Chronicles”

  1. A-a-akira?

    Geminianeyes: From the movie darling. Though I must say, your statement that everyone named Akira is uke seems to be wonderfully apt. Colleague just said that the character is Kaneda from the movie Akira, and not the main character.

    I stand by what you said though.

  2. in line with Ultraman, we now have Gutterman! and Nao, Chris’s Iron Man seems to be molesting Akira tushies than mere caressing… *facepalms*

    Geminianeyes: Mmmm… Rabu-rabu? 8D

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