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Yet another rant about customer service. This time, it’s about California Fitness.

I pay via cash. For that, I am charged an additional “Administrative” fee of RM20. Now, they did tell me about this, but I never thought to question their policy until now. They have not offered to give me anything in return for me paying the extra except to “signup on auto pay aka credit card” and I should be considered lucky that they are accepting cash as other gyms aren’t.

Now, this is the part that irks me.

When I asked why they had this policy, he says that not everyone who pays by cash settles their bill at the beginning of the month. Instead, they come in and say, “I’ll pay you guys next week when I come in,” and they skip the next week, and the following week they come in and the cycle continues.

I immediately pointed out that they do have rules and regulations that say you can’t use the gym’s facilities until you’ve paid up, and he says that if they do enforce that ruling, a lot of their customers will be dissatisfied with them.


This is simply a bad policy AND a bad reply.

YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I’M NOT RETURNING TO YOU AFTER JANUARY, CALIFORNIA FITNESS. I still have a year’s contract to finish and it ends on January 22 2009.

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  1. The real reason they have this policy is: Because they can’t milk your credit card.

    Gyms make money on the people who DON’T come to the gym, but pay fees anyway, and one way for them to do this is to milk your credit card.

    And if you decide later that the gym is a drain on your income, you can’t stop it because with your credit card details, they have a legal agreement to bill your credit card month after month until the contract period is up.

    You cannot tell your bank to decline the bill, because a legal contract exists. You cannot not pay, because you’ll get into trouble with the bank and ruin your credit.

    If you pay cash, and you decide later on and you don’t want to continue, you can just not come and not pay. What can they do? Sue you? It’s not in their economic interest to do so. By the time the case clear in 10 years time, all the legal fees and interest world be more than what they would gain from suing you. So the worst that they could do is black list you, which is fine by you anyway.

    So the rm20 is a fuck you tax for not letting them screw you over completely. IMO this should be made illegal.

    Geminianeyes: Trust me, I know that very well. I had a nice, polite and semi-frustrating chat with the guy who bore the brunt of my anger.

    I also made it very clear that I did not like being forced to make a penalty on my account by having this extra charge. If they lessened gym fees by giving an actual discount rather than waiving this “administrative charge” I wouldn’t have minded so much.

    That said, I now have two gyms on the blacklist: California and Celebrity Fitness. Might I also mention that California’s Head Personal Trainer is a dick? Insulting people is the best way to tell people NOT to sign up for your gym.

  2. Ahaha, I don’t do gyms.. Would it make you feel better if I told you my fail story with either this or Celebrity Fitness (i think it’s Celebrity Fitness.. )?

    They called me one day. This was how the convo went:

    CF: Hello, good day! I’m from CF. Are you Miss Ai Rene? Your friend told me that you might be interested in our gym program, and so —
    Me: Uh. No.
    CF: … Uh, that’s fine! Are you interested in gym? I can tell you what we have-
    Me: Actually, no.
    CF: … Are you interested in your health?
    Me: No. I don’t believe in gyms.
    CF: … Do you exercise?
    Me: No.
    CF: …
    Me: …
    CF: Uh, thank you for your time then!

    unhealthy lifestyle win. Repeat this conversation with Fitness First.

    Geminianeyes: I should try that one day.

  3. Then you better work out like crazy before the contract ends. Exploit… I mean, use their facilities to the fullest! Garrrr!

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