Deluge Torrent quick notes

This is meant for the friend of a friend, and all information is correct as of 7 September as far as I know.

Some things to consider:

If you are on 64-bit hardware (especially the new Intel and AMD chips), you WILL face problems with Deluge’s latest release (numbered 1.0.0_RC8 (0.9.08)). On my computer at least, it never starts up, so I can’t torrent at all. A quick check on Google reveals that the best version to use for such hardware (despite deluge crashing each time network connectivity is lost) would be version There’s something about the Python/GTK files that don’t quite play nice with 64 bit Windows and hardware.

If you’ve already downloaded and install the latest version, I’d suggest downloading the older version mentioned from here, and then uninstalling and removing the latest deluge folders completely. This means navigating within your c:/ drive (or whatever you name it) and completely deleting the folders. Then install and run the new (old) deluge you’ve downloaded. Remember to navigate to Preferences when you start deluge up and switch your traffic to encrypt all traffic AND to use random ports.

That’s all I can think of. Hope this helps.