Sayaka- Office Meido, ch 1

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Sayaka looked up at the building and then back at the address in her hand. “This cannot be right,” she thought to herself. The building was not the typical two-storey apartments that she was usually sent to, but was a huge condominium, complete with a reception desk. This was not her usual clientele of a hot, sweaty and rarely-bathed otaku, but then she reminded herself that otakus came in all shapes and sizes, not to mention wallet.

With a deep breath, she walked into the reception hall and gave the receptionist the address slip she was holding on to. The smartly-dressed woman merely glanced at it before pressing a buzzer.

“You may go up. Mrs Jiwo has been expecting you,” the receptionist pointed to an lift door that opened quietly.

“Thank you,” Sayaka replied, before entering the lift.

She did not have to press anything as the lift only had one destination. It would took her straight up to the penthouse. Sayaka looked at herself in the lift’s mirrors as it moved silently.

Her appearance was far better than what it usually was; her lustrous thick brown hair was gathered into a neat bun with a few tendrils framing her face seductively. Her face had just the slightest hint of rouge and her lipgloss gave just the tiniest hint of shine. Her large brown eyes were what many men called bedroom eyes, sultry and tempting.

The outline of her body could just be hinted at under the thick coat she wore. She had no doubt she would be able to fit into the dual role her new employer had in mind; her body was built for such uniform feminity. First though, she needed to get past this interview; by all accounts, Mrs Jiwo was one of those ancient crones who had spent their whole lives working for an old family.

It still did not explain why she was here instead of a small suburb. Still, she trusted her agent. He would never send her into danger. He had never done so since he became her agent in high school.

When the doors opened, she was slightly surprised to see that the doors opened straight into the penthouse instead of the customary door. Whoever lived here must be very secure to not have that usual precaution.As she stepped out of the lift, an old lady appeared. The woman looked like a hawk, but the smile she gave Sayaka was a friendly one.

“You must be Sayaka Ishihara,” the old woman greeted her as Sayaka bowed.

“I am,” Sayaka kept her voice low.

“Come, let me show you the house. Master Karuzaki is very particular about where his things should be, and I would suggest you not to change them,” Sayaka followed her quietly as the woman showed her around the house.

As they made their way to the bedroom, Mrs Jiwo explained that the massive four-poster would have to be made before the Master came home from his classes each day. He often slept early and woke late, so she would not have time to make the bed before she had to leave. Then she showed her the bathroom, the living room, the study, and finally the kitchen before explaining that each room had their own cleaning day, so she did not need to exhaust herself each night by cleaning the entire apartment.

“You are clear about your office duties?” the old lady asked.

“Yes. I met with Nakamura-san yesterday.” The old lady pursed her lips disapprovingly, but she said nothing.

“Very well then. Now, about this kitchen, you will see to it that it remains stocked every day. I’ve left the ingredients list on the fridge and the numbers you will need,” the old lady showed her the list. It was a rather unusual list, containing mainly ingredients for desserts.

“Mr Karuzaki likes to cook desserts,” the old lady saw Sayaka’s puzzled look, “and it is good that you noticed. His foods are passable and he loves experimenting, so if you do not have a sweet tooth I suggest you leave now,” her tone had changed.

“Sweet foods will not be a problem, Mrs Jiwo. My brother runs a confectionary,” she smiled sweetly (pun unintended) at the old lady.

“Well that for you then. Now, follow me. I will show you to your quarters and your uniform,” and that was the end of Sayaka’s first day as a maid.

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