Bloody Train- Siam Shade

Does anyone know if this song was created with a specific meaning? I just heard the English version today and to say that it is creepy is an understatement.

Lyrics are here.

2 thoughts on “Bloody Train- Siam Shade”

  1. sad song. It’s a song for criminals to me. To say that the criminals won’t be forgiven forever, there isn’t any roads for they to turn back.

    Here, take this picture with you please
    Memory of you crime
    Those lips will never smile again, eyes won’t shine

    Painful guilt is inside their hearts and makes them won’t be able to smile again.

    Did papa hit you?
    Did mama keep you inside?
    Did your sister always tease you?
    And tattle tale your lies, or was it
    Your brother took your best toys
    and favorite teddy bear, too?
    Anyway you’re on the train now
    And no excuse can justify you

    What made you to commit a crime? Whatever the reasons there might be, you’re on a train that going to unforgiven darkness, no excuse can justify your crime.

    It gives me a feeling like once you commit a crime, you can never come back and only will suffer forever, hated, forgotten but unforgiven. This is how I perceive it. But I wouldn’t agree on it. Being a criminal is scary, but nothing is sadder beyond that.

  2. Supplement: This song is more to criminals who committed crime without scruple to me, though. Some small reasons that made you hate the world? And that’s why you can hurt people with your unjustified reason? I don’t know whether I’m right on the interpreting, though.

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