Light Meme~

Post a comment and I’ll assign you a letter (Aโ€“Z). Then you have to post this in your journal with a list of ten things that you love beginning with that letter. Karcy gave me: C.

1. Chocolate
Like this wasn’t obvious! Delicious, creamy, rich, there’s nothing quite so decadent yet luxurious like chocolate.

2. Chapels and Churches
When they are devoid of people (an irony, I know), there’s a serenity within that cannot be explained. This mainly applies to the old kinds of churches and chapels; the newer ones perhaps need more time to have souls in them. To give that air of faith that lingers so strongly.

3. Carpooling
Yes, I like my cars to be noisy.

4. Chambers
I like the imagery that it evokes rather than the actual word itself. Chambers feel like a part that is both open and closed; within the chambers lie secrets that cannot be expressed.

5. Celeste
Alright, so I love my own creation. Celeste was a name and a concept I took from the New Zealand TV series Hercules. The idea of death as a young, beautiful but haunted young woman never left me.

6. Coffee.
Nuff said. Though coffee and chocolate milk don’t mix in the morning for me.

7. Charcoal
An unburnt piece of charcoal can do wonders for eliminating smells.

8. Comics
I started off with comics, but the love affair with manga (Japanese comics) didn’t really start till I started reading Groo of all things, and it made me want to keep reading. Comics filled the niche novels didn’t.

9. Corn-flower
Just the flowers thank you. They remind me of my characters.

10. Customer Service
Specifically, good ones, because they’re so rare!

And as you can expect, I’m half-asleep while typing this, so good nite!

Updated! These lovely ladies (yes, including the one anatomically male but gender-specific female xP) have had their letters assigned! 8D

Kemu: Y
Serge: W
Jasmine: V
Tsukushi: H
Skysky: F

Internet cookies to whoever can guess what these letters have in common. Hint: Board game. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. Aye for coffee and chocolate *__*

    Ding a ling!

    Geminianeyes: Coffee and chocolate are love~ They go together like strawberries and cream on a cool day. ๐Ÿ˜€ And your letter’s Y!

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