Mitsuru’s OC Meme, from DA

Choose 10 of your OCs. If you don’t have ten people then fill in the empty place with cool people.

1. Naoko
2. Sukina
3. Kishan
4. Anra
5. Annwn
6. Ta’Lern
7. Celeste
8. Karma
9. Felicity
10. Juanita

Four Anra invites three Kishan and eight Karma to dinner at their house. What happens?

They get poisoned. Anra doesn’t like Kishan because he disapproves of Anra x Sukina and Karma’s a pain in the butt for him.

Nine Felicity tries to get five Annwn to go to a strip club.

Felicity: The guys there are really very…
Annwn: Stop talking and start driving.

You need stay at a friend’s house for the night. Who do you choose? One Naoko or six Ta’Lern?
Naoko. At least I can be certain to WALK out of the house thereafter.

Two Sukina and seven Celeste are making out. Ten Juanita walks in. What’s their reaction?
*Underaged loli walking in* … *Walks right back out*

Three Kishan falls in love with six Ta’Lern. Eight Karma is jealous. What happens?
Karma: *facepalms and emos in a corner* Where did my meticulous planning go wrong? Why? *Followed by the 7 stages of grief*

Four Anra jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who comes to your rescue? Ten Juanita, two Sukina or seven Celeste?
Sukina: Anra! *Glomps and begins makeout session*
Me: *Flees for life*

One Naoko decides to start a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later, what is happening?
A flood. Nothing really needs to be said.

Three Kishan has to marry either eight Karma, four Anra, or nine Felicity. Who do they choose?
Felicity. This is assuming that that person needs to be alive after the wedding night.

Seven Celeste kidnaps two Sukina and demands something from five Annwn for two‘s release. What is it?
Nothing. Annwn would never give anything to Celeste.

Everyone gangs up on three Kishan. Does three Kishan have a chance in hell?
Kishan: Burn baby burn bwahahahahahhahaahhha!!!

Everyone is invited to two Sukina’s and 10‘s Juanita’s wedding except for eight Karma. How do they react?
Karma: And I’ll make sure they have more kids than they know what to do with, and Sukina will have her hands full with Celeste’s priesthood and Juanita gets kidnapped by loli hunters, etc etc *pokes into voodoo dolls and writes on the Scrolls of Fate*

Why is six Ta’Lern afraid of seven Celeste?
… Scythe of Death versus Elemental King. 😀 Of course the Scythe wins!

One arrives late for two Sukina’s and 10‘s Juanita’s wedding. What happens and why were they late?
Naoko: I got lost. But I found these lovely flowers!

Five Annwn and nine Felicity get roaring drunk and end up at your house. What happens?
Ladies: *Grins and hic!*

Nine Felicity murders two‘s Sukina’s best friend. What does two Sukina do to get back at them?

Throw their kingdom into elemental chaos and start an uprising.

Six Ta’Lern and one Naoko are in mortal danger. Only one of them can survive. Does six Ta’Lern save themselves or one Naoko?
Naoko. Ta’Lern can’t actually die until his spirit has been destroyed, both parts of it.

Eight Karma and three Kishan go camping. For some reason they forgot to bring any food. What do they do?
Kishan roasts the animals that come as Karma sings.

Five Annwn is in a car crash and is critically injured. What does nine Felicity do?
Goes on with life as usual.

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  1. *Snerks*

    ((*Raises eyebrow-ridge at Naoko’s cooking show* I take it I’ll have to take care of meals, darling? Lucky that I’ve more options available than just barbecue. *Secretly amused*))

    Yes, I know.

    ((Naoko the charrie: Yes, please do, dear one. ^_^))

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