The New Gutter Order

… Too much Star Wars, I think.

For once, Chris didn’t have a direct hand in this. It all started when we were discussing [Grayfox]’s new Proton Savvy, which he named “Midnight Sun.” For context, read this. 😛

Me: So, is it a male or female?

[Grayfox]: Hmm…

Michael: Well, it has a dick, doesn’t it?

Me and [Grayfox]: o__________O

Me: *Laughs a moment later, remembering the joke of Heal and his car*

This follows a bit later:

Me: Technically, the car should be female, because she accepts, while a male gives.

Chris: !!!!

Chris: What does it accept????

Me: You know, fuel, etc…

Michael: I shall blog about this on my blog later.

Yes, I know, pointless post but we needed the stress relief. And yes, we have a new member of the Gutter Order. Welcome, Mike!

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