Teeth extraction!

Yesterday, I noticed my wisdom tooth (the last teeth, right at the back of your jaws) was feeling kind of off. When my tongue was playing with it at night, pieces of said tooth came out, which freaked me to no end. I went to see a dentist today, who recommended me to take the wisdom tooth out as it was completely rotten.

I chickened out at the first go because I was afraid of the big needle. I told them I’d be back soon and went to make a call to [Raz], who was the only other person I could think of at the time who’d done a wisdom tooth extraction AND was awake. Then I went back into the fray.

Closing my eyes during the administration of the anaesthetic helped a lot, and I didn’t feel as scared as I was before. In about 10-15 minutes, the tooth was out relatively painlessly. Dr Mohan showed me the tooth and I can see why he said that it needed to be taken out. It was rotten to the core. He told me to bite on some cotton (he changed it twice while I was there and told me not to use my mouth so much today) and said that after 30 minutes, I should go and have a cold drink or ice-cream.

The painful part was the anaesthetic injection, actually. As it were, I’m going to go for a bath before finally eating some food for breakfast. Here’s the pics for those who still have appetites after reading this entry.

From the side!

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Now the top!
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Long tooth is long.
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6 thoughts on “Teeth extraction!”

  1. Lol I went thru a teeth extraction too u know…mine was the surgical type. Which means they literally cut my gums open, dug the tooth out and sewed it back. Yours shouldn’t be so bad – he just pulled it, right?

    Ah well, feels good now thats it out doesnt it? =)

    Geminianeyes: Well, it feels kinda weird, though I am grateful he didn’t have to do surgery on it. Yeah, he just pulled it out.

  2. Been there, done that. If I’d been smart [and had the money] I’d have had all four of mine out the first time. @_@

    Geminianeyes: Eh? Why take all 4 out at one go?

  3. Because that way, you only have to go under once instead of repeated times. And wisdom-tooth rotting is an extremely common occurrence.

    *had his rot, and had all four of them out together*

  4. I’ve had my tooth extracted four times too, when I had to wear orthodontics back in 1997. Yeap, the injection was the only painful part. The part when the doc yanks your t00th left and right is actually funnier than it was scary.

    But man, that is one rotten tooth. Fortunately, I’ve never had to pull out a wisdom tooth – they just sukahati fall off.

    Guess that explains why I’m so silly sometimes.

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