Nanowrimo 2008- Closing Words

Yes, I know it’s rather funny and odd, but yesterday while I was walking out of the shower, the phrase just came to me.

For many people, the aim of 50,000 words in a month is scary. For the adrenaline junkies, it’s a rush. For those writing for the first time, it seems impossible to achieve.

Yet Nanowrimo is more than that. It’s more than just churning out words. It’s the construction of a world and the characters that live within it.

Writers who join Nanowrimo are storytellers. We tell the stories of the characters and creatures in our heads and we give them a place to call home. We give them a voice. We give them substance. We also give of ourselves, because the act of Creation isn’t an easy one; just ask God!

Our world thrives on stories more than anything else. It’s the way we connect, the way we understand the world, the universe, everything. Stories make our reality more palatable, more digestible. By that token, storytellers are the spices of this life. Everyone has a story to tell, but we actually DO tell those stories, rather than keeping it bottled inside.

Stories form the tapestry of this life. We are all threads, but when woven together, we make a brilliant fabric.

What colours we choose to colour this fabric really depends on what stories we choose to tell, because it is only by telling our stories that we can colour this fabric.

So, are you going to colour your thread?

PS: The closing words were: “With a toss of the dice… they began again.”