Quick reminders before I start work for the day:

– Idea generation for Sustainable Living concepts
– Change theme for Pink October (wordpress at home)
– Write the first post for Going Pink – check out those who’ve already posted!
– Join [Pelf]’s Photo Hunt contest! (Aiep, that reminds me I haven’t completed the 500m from my home meme yet! Whoops!)
– Keep an eye on the forums (Ticketing is giving me a headache, but YES! COMIC FIESTA TICKETS ARE NOW OPEN FOR PRE-ORDERING!)
– Confirm list of Tesol schools to join.

    Was recommended Global Tesol by my cousin sis but their non-appearance on the LAN website scares me. The other alternative I found was Teach Tesol, but they are a Singaporean outfit conducting intensive classes in Malaysia.

– Feminine groceries (cleanser, toner, cotton)
– I’d add more but this list has been pending since morning so I’ll leave it as it is.