And after being poked by a few people, I realise that my comment and reaction to the headache remark posted by Toki was both out of line and unwarranted. Basically I got flamed, provoked and I fell straight into the troll trap (me being the troll).

I actually wanted to say that it was formatting the Ticketing entry that was giving me a headache (yes, HTML does make me go @@ at times) but I just simply cracked under the pressure of everything else because yes, I do not enjoy people laughing their asses off because of typo mistakes. While I am glad you found it amusing, I’m less amused by the fact that you also had to be condescending.

My comment left on his LJ was that I had become the contact person for a few people online for ticketing enquiries. It doesn’t help the fact that while I was at my uncle’s 40 day passing I received an urgent call telling me of the error, and no one could contact Toki. For that one, I blame Maxis. According to colleagues and my dad (which means I have a nice mix of prepaid and postpaid numbers as examples) there are problems with the Maxis and Celcom networks, especially from DiGi to Maxis. Blaming him for not picking up the phone was my fault and not his.

I have personal issues with Toki. But that’s just what they are, PERSONAL. I have not made my frustrations known to anyone BUT a few choice friends whom I know will not betray that trust, because ranting about it on my blog or anywhere else in public is unprofessional. And before any of you go off on it, I ranted to them because blowing up in public or during a meeting is even worse. It was easier to get an objective perspective from people who WEREN’T involved in the whole fiasco.

For the way I treated you, Tokiya, I’d like to apologise. It was unwarranted, biased and unfair to you. Whether you choose to accept this apology or not, that’s up to you.

And in case you were wondering, the questions I had were not aimed at firing you (except that case with the uni) but were asked from a normal con-goer perspective. If I was a con-goer, that was how I would react and ask questions.

Alright, this has gone on long enough. Time to go back to work. *Shrugs*