Quick Updates and 2 poems

Note to self #1: DO NOT TAKE COFFEE when you are sick. You *will* get high. Either that or it’s the meds, and I doubt that unless there’s something in the antibiotics that makes it so.

Note to self #2: ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when taking Clarinase. Ye gods they work fast and don’t make you sleepy. YAY FOR 2ND GEN ANTIHISTAMINES! (See, I DO remember things from my PR internship days)

The following is actually for a friend named Zerodevice. I actually published this a few days before he spoke to me about his latest project, and while doing a story idea based on his input, I realised that I’d already written something similar for the [101] challenges in the Comic Fiesta board. Creepy or not?

Here are the two works I did for the September (Peace) and October (Rituals). All below the cut! Input and critique appreciated, especially for the October one:

September 2008: Peace

Tick-tock went the sōzu
Ting ting went the windchime
The clock moved tirelessly
The house lay silent

Standing alone
He looked around
A figure cut in loneliness
Long shadows covered the room

There was no sound, only silence
No movement, only stillness
For the first time
He was at peace

Life had stopped
No one breathed but him
In this quiet moment
He knew peace in his heart

Around him, their bodies laid
Hacked, bloody, bruised
Their voices he would not miss
Well riddance to nagging hags

Soon the law would come for him
But that would be just fine now.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the October one is a sequel to September.

October 2008: Rituals

The skies rumbled
Inside the clock counted
Seconds passed
The blade dropped.

Voices in his head clamoured
His attention they wanted
The dead souls now awakened
Ghastly sprites danced

He screamed
The ritual had failed
They were unappeased
The torment continued

The heavens opened
The screams drowned
The blood dried
The fear died.

The storm passed
He remained
The air changed
His skin chilled

He’d entered the room unsullied
Now he left it bloodied
Nagging hags now slain
But it did not keep him sane

He would begin again
That silence within from tortured souls
And the silence without, he desired.

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  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever been high on coffee before…

    Geminianeyes: I rarely get high on caffeine, but as my colleague pointed out, caffeine and meds don’t mix. I’d forgetton that.

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