Good weekend, busy Monday

The swimfest + Wii party at Mask’s place was the bomb! Didn’t take pics as I was too lazy to do so, but suffice to say that I am glad everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. But good curry is good!

Thanks Masako, Wild and Mintos for throwing the party! Thanks to whoever cooked the curry, they were GOOOOOOOOOOD~ (Though needed more sugar xP). Thank you Zend for playing chef!!

I didn’t take any of the drinks because I was driving… but even without the drink I managed to get me and the people in my car lost on the way back. There is a reason why I do not like driving to KL. Confusing signs much? You bet! But we all got home safely anyway. Thanks everyone for keeping me awake while we drove home! 😀

This weekend, I noticed I didn’t really boot into Windows on Kuro, mainly because my torrents actually moved when on Ubuntu instead. However, I also found much to occupy me on Ubuntu- mainly trying to get my dark themes to work.

There’s a problem with applications like Firefox and (sometimes) Pidgin where the text appears as black on black in the input boxes. This is mainly fixed on sites like Facebook and when replying in full on the Comic Fiesta forum boards. However, for places like, the box is black, and since the default colour for fonts is also black, you can imagine the headache.

I also wanted to use this particular theme: Divinorum Revisited, because I liked that nearly everything was dark. However, it was not meant to be as I could barely read what I was trying to write. Yes, I had the dreaded black on black box again.

In the end, I switched themes and went with a dark theme on the Emerald theme engine (I’m leery of installing things on Ubuntu but in this case I just wanted things to work). It’s not 100% fixed yet, but I’m looking forward to getting back into things later.

Yesterday was a very busy Monday. There were deadlines on nearly every project I had neglected when the viral fever hit me last week, but managed to kautim quite a bit of them. It just felt very chaotic and insane the whole time, and it didn’t help that I had the “red tide” as May puts it. The things the female body does for fertility.

Went to Pyramid yesterday to meet up with Mint for dinner and switch her present. I didn’t realise she already had the figurine I bought her on Saturday, but since we had the receipt and the shop allowed trades, that’s exactly what we did. Dreamz Toys is a nice shop with great staff though yes, you might want to wrap your presents yourself cause the girl who does it is a bit slow. 😛

We ended up trying Michaelangelo’s Italian Kitchen, the Italian restaurant next to Jusco on the same floor as Starbucks. I’ve actually been itching to try it but never did either because of budget or no one wanted to go with me.

So Mint and I made our way there, and after looking at the menu for a little while, we went in. The atmosphere was quite classy and the waiters were efficient, though I can’t say anything for them being friendly. They did smile, which is something people unhappy in their jobs don’t do. The food though, was another matter entirely.

Mintos had their lasagne while I had this pasta with chicken medallions and mushrooms. Her lasagne was divine; chunky yet not overly cheesy and fresh. My pasta had a wealth of flavours, with a hint of spiciness as the aftertaste. Yet the spiciness was not overwhelming, and for someone who reaches for a jug of water after a hint of spicy, it was delicious. The chicken medallions were sliced and a little overdone, but the mushrooms and spaghetti more than made up for it.

The only grouse I have is that I chewed on the peppercorns and thus had a “blast of pepper in my mouth that was not too pleasant” but then again, I think that was just me. 😛

Thereafter we adjourned to check out a certain stocking shop (thigh-length socks for RM25 *_* and pretty pantyhoses! *____*) before walking around more. There was a lingerie shop that I actually managed to miss despite walking around Asian Avenue before this that Mintos showed to me. Interesting concepts they have. 😀

We ended up buying shoes for cosplay before heading home. 😀 I now have proper FLAT boot types for Saya, and will only have to make the boot covers. Those I’ll probably get Mintos to show me how, especially since the material I am making my costume is stiff rather than leather.

And so ends a VERY, VERY LONG UPDATE. Oh yes:

[Joicy] posted this recently on her blog. Being the curious sort, I signed up under her and am now using Yahoo! to do my searches instead of Google. So far so good, haven’t really seen any big differences yet in my search results. They’re also the first people I’ve seen who actually included a calculator on their site to show how much you could “potentially” earn with their site just for searching.

If you want to support me and are willing to try out an experiment (I’m actually looking to see whether they actually DO pay as compared to other places like Helium, Associated Content and PPP), then join here now. Or you could just click on the banner at the side if you don’t have Adblock Plus on your Firefox browser. 😀

PS: They pay in British POUNDS, which makes their site worth just *that* much more.

4 thoughts on “Good weekend, busy Monday”

  1. Thighlength socks can be found at I-Socks for RM10-thats if you are willing to gamble its their good customer service day when you go there.

    Your boots are lace up or normal?

    Geminianeyes: Normal. It’s halfway between the knee and the ankle, which means lengthwise, it is *PERFECT* for Saya. Not to mention in my size too.

    Do the socks have this frill/detailing at the top? The one I was looking had it, and it felt very comfy besides.

  2. They should have -through pricier I guess.

    All socks are comfy!

    Damn-I wanted a place where they sell lace ups.

    Geminianeyes: You mean laced-up boots? I’ll be going to Sunway again on Thurs. Remind me to see if they have there. I think they may have. Asian Avenue is shaping up to be something like Harajuku or Shibuya in KL.

  3. Yeah-I dont fancy going to I-Socks again just to another pair of boots like that.The atmosphere of place gimme the creeps somehow.

    Geminianeyes: I ignore any place with bad customer service unless I *really* want it.

  4. Do the socks have this frill/detailing at the top? The one I was looking had it, and it felt very comfy besides.

    Soxworld has them ^^ but they’re about RM50 per pair i think x.x

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