Myths and Legends

Are something that I’ve always been fascinated by, ever since I was a child. There’s something about them that simply defies description and captures the mind. Despite growing up surrounded by books about Western Mythology and the like (to this day I have a fond spot for the legends of Greece rather than Rome), I find myself drawn more and more to the Asian legends.

More specifically, legends about dragons and phoenixes. I can blame all this on one anime and one anime alone; Fushigi Yuugi, or Curious Play as per Animax. I always knwe that there was something mystical about the Four Corners of the World, but I had never been exposed to the idea that these four had specific guardians who not only guarded these entrances, but also their elements.

Elements in mythology has also fascinated me, but this is more because of what happened when I was entering secondary school; I found a book of astrology left lying around by an aunt who was trying to discover where she belonged, and she picked up quite a few random books along the way (I say random because not too long after finding her astrology book, I found her divination and Methodist books).

The idea of the Four Elements similarly stayed with me throughout high school and most of college. The idea grew from the tidbits the legends gave me to something far more than what I expected. Jennifer, Carmen, Alina and Serene who originated in the same world as Naoko did eventually grew up to rule their own worlds. Their basic design never really did change, but their personalities did. I didn’t really get to writing them down, though they have remained a big part of the world I created in my head.

Before I forget, I suppose I should write a short description of each of them.

Jennifer (no relation to my cousin- I got the name long before she was born, so you can imagine how long I’ve had her running in my head) has changed from Jennifer to Jen to Jeani. Traditionally associated with Wind, she’s a Child of Summer. Long blond hair, blue eyes, she’s the typical Caucasian blond bombshell. At first I planned for her to be a bit on the airy side and yes, a bit bimboitic, but Jeani reminds me that the duty I put her in, as a diplomat, doesn’t let her be that. She’s a perfect companion to Sukina, being the type to be both serious and yet light-hearted, and able to guess her feelings even better than Naoko or Kishan can some times.

Serene became Rene and didn’t change after that. A very quiet character (and I mean it, Rene doesn’t talk very much), she represents water. When designing and creating Rene’s home, I imagined a country full of waterways and perhaps swamps and marshlands. The people are serious and careful. They have a very strong community bond as opposed to family; Rene is willing to put her feelings aside for the sake of unity, but as the Princess of Water she holds a great deal of power both as the Princess of her land and its Priestess. Rene is actually a good companion to Naoko but the perfect partner to Kishan. As he’s of the fire element and she water, they don’t have much in common on the surface, but their quiet natures and stoic presence often do much to calm the group down.

Carmen, then Carmell, then Carmen again and finally Kar. Fiery, passionate and bold. She gets on well with Rene (I highly doubt that anyone doesn’t get along well with that girl) but not so with Jeani. Something about the other just enflames her. That said, she often accompanies Naoko and Jeani. The three of them have a fiery nature, and as adrealine junkies, they go extremely well together. Kar and Ali are twins; same mother, different fathers. Appearance wise, she reminds me of Afro Americans. The fire element is more unpredicatable than the wind, so adaptability is important. She’s fiercely independent and involved in the military; there have been times when she not only carries weapons, but makes them as well.

Ali is the earth element. She’s not as quiet as Rene, but she chooses her words well and is methodical when it comes to carrying out missions. Oddly enough, she’s best used as a scout. She provides a grounding element to the rest of the group, and is the support psychic for Sukina and Rene. Secondary support comes naturally to her, and the daughter of Earth have a talent for dowsing and herbology.

I need to sleep now.. and yes, Ali, I will redo your writeup later. Girls, remember, I need sleep for Nano.