Nanowrimo Newsletter: Don’t make us come after you

The following is taken from the Nanowrimo newsletter I just received. If this isn’t a reason to write, I don’t know what is. *Looks at her f-list and colleagues*

Dear National Novel Writing Month Author,

The noveling season is almost upon us. If you have already come back to the NaNoWriMo site and signed up for another year of literary abandon, we say: Hello! We’re so glad to have you back. If you are thinking about possibly sitting this year out, we say: Don’t make us come after you.

Seriously. The world needs your new novel. You may not know what you’ll write about. That’s fine. You may think you’re too busy to write a novel this year. That’s okay too. We understand. You’re busy. It’s a fact.

But you know what? Every year, you spend so much of your time doing things for other people. You show up at work and school close to on time five days a week, and you do a good job there. You’re nice to your friends. You take care of your family.

Is it too much to ask for a single month of creative playtime in return for all your labors? Don’t you deserve a 30-day literary vacation? One where you set sail with 100,000 other adventurers and discover one of your great, unwritten novels?

We think you do.

So we have a proposal: Come to the site and sign in. Check out the sweet word-count header. Listen to the NaNoWriMo Supercollider spin out your fortune on WrimoRadio. Update your profile with the cool new synopsis and bio areas. Think about coming to this year’s Night of Writing Dangerously Write-a-thon. Survey the list of celebrity pep talkers who will be sending you encouraging emails in November. Settle in.

Then, if you decide you don’t have time to write a novel, that’s okay. You can shut off these emails under “Edit User Settings” and go back to real life.

But for now? A ship to adventure is steaming out of port on November 1. We want to see you on board.

Your fan,
Chris Baty
Cruise Director, NaNoWriMo

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