Lil bites post

Basically I’ll be updating this post as I go along the day.

From the I’m-amused-to-no-end dept:
Sōichirō Hoshi (wiki link) voices Goku from Saiyuki and Xion aka Xero from Shining Tears X Wind. However, when looking at his character, I’m reminded instead of a shy boy who’s quite kind and yet determined. Well, what do you know, he voiced Kei Kusanagi in Onegai! Sensei too! No wonder I had that image in my head.

Anime to watch:
Yes, I know I’m behind, but am currently watching Shining Tears X Wind as mentioned above. May not do Hiruda Reia; I don’t think I can carry her mood switches that well. Not to mention the leotard! Don’t think I can cosplay this series though.

For a person who hates the genre, I remember quite a few of them. *Shudders*

Health, pt 1 (I’m sure there will be more)
Someone please poke me to do that article on breasts later. I mean for Pink For October. I is fail. T_T

Saionji is about the only male megane character in Shining Tears X Wind. He’s also pretty megalomaniacal. I decided to look up his seiyuu (Ryōtarō Okiayu) and discover to my great amusement: he did D.N.Angel’s Dark Mousy, aka Dark. That explains partially why he’s a dork. My bigger laugh though, came when I scrolled lower and discovered…

Flame of Recca (Kurei).

I laughed. Mainly because Kurei was one of my favourite “insane for a cause” characters of ALL TIME. WHY HALLO THAR KUREI NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!