Precious Life

This was inspired by a Facebook friend’s message that she was a waste of time, space, air and time. I don’t think she is, although I don’t know her.

You are not a waste
You are not unworthy
You are not just “taking up space”
You are not “wasting air”

What you are
What you will be
What you were

You are beautiful
Even if you feel you are not
You are precious
Even if others say otherwise

You are perfect
Faultless in every way
You are strong
After all, you’re still here, aren’t you?

You are powerful
You are strength
You are beauty
You are grace

You are perfect
You are joy
You are alive
You are precious

You are alive
Know that
Though I may not know you
Or hold you, or kiss you, or caress you
Like Valerie, I do love you

They say you cannot love without knowing it
Believe me when I say that is a lie
For I do love you, though I may not know you
So hold on and keep struggling

Your journey will has no end unless you will it
And no journey is complete
Without the story of its paths chronicled
So hold fast, your journey’s not done yet

And may your journey
As painful as it may be at times
Bring others to love you, and you love in turn
As much as I have loved you.

By Patricia Pinto
On 21 Oct 2008