MPH Warehouse sale

Is really worth it. RM20 each for Terry Pratchett’s books! I got myself Makin’ Money (paperback) and Thief of Time. Going to go back tomorrow for:

Guards, Guards, Guards!
Small Gods
Reaper Man
Witches Abroad

I am going to be so broke after this. 😛 Ok! Off to read Makin’ Money! 😀

6 thoughts on “MPH Warehouse sale”

  1. …don’t buy anything other than Small Gods. I can lend you the other five. 😀

    Geminianeyes: I wants collection. 😛

    I’m looking to keep Hogsfather, Reaper Man and Small Gods. The rest… see first.

  2. Hmmm….personally? Reaper Man doesn’t really stand out for me. Maskerade and Witches Abroad are pretty good if you like the Lancre Witches, Hogsfather is a keeper because of all the between-the-lines stuff.

    MAN, I want to go, but I have no transport and I have to watch my money. 🙁

    Geminianeyes: There’s only one reason why I’m getting Reaper Man. Death as Farmer. 8D.

    Get yourself somehow to either near my office or KJ station before 6pm and I can take you. Else we go weekend?

  3. By the time weekend comes along, all the good stuff would’ve disappeared. Ngrah, see, I would, but I have an exam on Friday afternoon. I don’t think mum looks kindly on me disappearing to a book sale on the day before.

    …also, there’s something strange about the text box and my text seems to disappear at the right end before it wraps to the next line. Is it (your blog layout) made for a 1280*860 layout?

    Geminianeyes: o_O That one’s new. I’m not sure. I’m using 1152 x 864.

  4. I truly feel you on Reaper Man.

    Still, for my money? The last chunk of books of his have just been crap. Monstrous Regiment, THUD!, Going Postal.. After those three (and especially the last), I read the book jacket for Making Money and just said “…No. No, I’m not going to put myself through this again. Not even if it’s in the library, I don’t want to hurt myself. He used to be so GOOD, and I suffer to see him suck like this!”

    So tell me if I’m wrong?

    (P.S. Get the watchman set. Guards! Guards!, Men At Arms, Jingo, The Fifth Elephant, Night Watch…

    ESPECIALLY the last three. Night Watch is my absolute favorite but it takes background to know how awesome Vimes is in that one.)

    Geminianeyes: I’unno. I liked Going Postal and Monstrous Regiment. Thud! I agree, was hit and miss. Making Money is a good read so far though. Then again, I’m more amused by how he makes observation about the unspoken rules of the world (like bribing a copper and the Assassin’s Guild).

    And yes, Watchman set. Angua and Carrot FTW!

  5. Okay, out of curiosity. Precisely what did you like about Going Postal?

    (And one of my biggest peeves with THUD! was the way it kept pimping the game itself, not to mention the ‘Where’s My Cow?’ thing. The fact that a board-game rendition of Thud was coming out at the same time as the novel and an actual Where’s My Cow book appeared at the same time has nothing to do with it, I’m SURE. ((Yeah. RIGHT.))

    …Zhil, I was being sarcastic. She KNOWS that product placement of this kind exists. ((*Saves His response for later, when there’s time*))

    I just didn’t like that kind of pimping.

    Geminianeyes: Ah! That would explain it.

    I didn’t like how the story flowed. It was very different from what I’d come to expect from Pratchett. And yes, Zhil, I’m quite aware of such product placement ((having fallen victim to it herself many, many times- Naoko)).

    Going Postal was about conmen. I find it fascinating… not to mention it reminded me of my dad tralala~

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