If Destruction and Creation were opposed to Balance, what would happen?

Keys to Twilight

Inspired by Ti aka [EducateDeviate]

If a child shows interest in something good, encourage it. If a child shows interest in something distasteful, investigate that interest, not the child. If the child shows no interest, engage her. If the child has the talent but not the interest, sustain it not. If the child has the interest but not the talent, give him the skills to survive.

You should never send a child into battle unprepared nor ignorant. It is your duty, as their guardian, to ensure that they, in turn, can guard others. Allow them the freedom to grow and evolve. Children are children. Do not force, nor cajole. They are not adults, and thus you should not expect an adult’s jaded perception, but a child’s cheeky honesty.

Our children evolve and take on the values we display. Therefore, choose your nursemaids with care. Youth’s energy should be tempered with adult caution and elderly wisdom.

Jinna Aos Si
First Matriarch of the Daoine-Sìth Huntresses

3 thoughts on “Balance”

  1. …Ooooh.

    *Facepalm* And now I’m drawing parallels to Good Omens AND the whole Amber second series.

    Still, this is something I’ve considered before. Maybe it’s worth taking up again.

    Geminianeyes: Yeah, Good Omes was part of the inspiration, but that particular idea has been bubbling for quite some time. Have never taken up Amber.

    You’re going to take up Nanowrimo? πŸ˜€

  2. Sadly, in my situation I’ve no time to take up NaNo. It is an utter non-option at the moment, but I’d been thinking more of a short story anyway.

    Still, at least things are getting better day by day.

    Geminianeyes: Woots to things getting better! πŸ˜€ Good luck on that short story! πŸ™‚

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