You know how some women are crazy about clothes? Well, I’m crazy about books.

Today, the office made a bigger trip after work to head to the sale. The total who went were four: Me, Windy, Teng Loo and Karen. Basically we left the office right at 6 and zoomed off in two cars (because Karen and Teng Loo weren’t joining Windy and me for dinner) and more or less prayed for light traffic all the way there.

Windy and me made a quick stop at the Petronas station to say hello to Maybank and to put some petrol in the car. Once done, we headed off to the sale. We were lucky, I’d say, because like yesterday, we found a parking spot more or less right in front of the entrance after making a 3-point turn.

Then the madness began again.

I shouldn’t have stopped to get a basket to hold my books because when I got to the Terry Pratchett aisle after that, a guy was holding on to the last copy of the Hogsfather. I asked him if it were the last copy and he affirmed it, saying that I was two minutes too late.

ZETSUBO! (aka, Despair!)

I took a few books and dumped them into my basket, thinking to sort them out later. Then it was to take a walk around the sale area and to see what other books I could buy. In the end, I came out with (for a total of RM80):

The Fortune Teller’s Dictionary (YAY REFERENCE BOOK AFTER ONE YEAR! The Zodiac book also counts but I didn’t use that one for quite some time)
Men At Arms
Small Gods (*insert maniacal laugh here*)
Guards, Guards Guards!

I left out Night Watch because I’d read it before, and well, that was the end of my shopping trip for now. If you’re interested, yes, I MAY make a third trip on Saturday before attending that meeting and I’ll see if I can’t pick up a copy of Reaper Man or Hogsfather at least. Damnit Hogsfather can’t be found that easily in Malaysia! ARGH!

But total spent so far: RM120. :D~

Also, thanks to ShoppingNSales for the link!


Edit: The books I have so far (Thief of Time is in the office)

7 thoughts on “MPH SALE, GETTO, PT2!”

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  2. If you want to borrow my copy of Hogsfather, you’re welcome to.

    Geminianeyes: THANK YOU!!! But I’ll see if I can’t buy it first.

  3. …Aww.

    And I was hoping to make Hogfather thy Christmas present!

    Geminianeyes: Hahaha, it’s ok, you don’t have to. 😛

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