Orchestrated Dreams

Had a weird dream before I woke up, in which my family (including my cousins and uncles and aunties from dad’s side) were staying at this hotel for someone’s wedding. Mom was worried that we’d forgotten to pick up the ice sculptures before we went to our rooms (we were staying on the 52nd floor I think, all the way to the top) but before we went to our rooms and after we’d reached the floor, I went to the reception counter and asked if they were going to provide the sculptures or if we had to.

The girl said that the hotel would be providing them. Her tone and words made me think that the hotel was trying to tell us to chill and that they would arrange everything. I think she actually said something like that too, when I asked her about the sculptures.

By 7.30pm, the doors were opening and she was telling me that we had to go inside, as VIPs (our family) was being seated. As I rushed to tell the family that. I heard familiar music coming from the event hall. The band was playing the OST of Subarashiki Kono Senai (aka The World Ends With You), a Nintendo DS game, full orchestral mode. I’d been talking about it to Max and Deru a few days ago, and I was thinking to message Max about it.

Then I saw him, Ezel and Sapphire sittign in the front row listening.

Before I could ask them what they weer doing there… I woke up due to the heat. OTL

Edit: Oh yes, and the reason why I named this entry Orchestrated Dreams was because after waking up, I saw that Hooli had posted about Blizzard Entertainment (the creators of insanely popular Starcraft and Diablo PC games for those who don’t know who they are) and Eminence, a orchestral band that regularly performs anime and game music, had released an album together. Eminence had played Blizzard’s songs.