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Straight from the horse’s mouth

We were discussing how to handle a particularly difficult client. This client was not satisfied with our suggestions, and while we were discussing it, Chris said this while looking straight at our male intern intently intensely:

Chris: I can satisfy you, [intern’s name].

Poor intern.

10 thoughts on “Straight from the horse’s mouth”

  1. zha dao…aih…

    Geminianeyes: I’ve been told that the phrase above translated means “I’m speechless.” Or somewhere therabouts.

  2. to Chris, you’re ‘fresh meat’ in more ways than one…. XD
    oh my, i got to stop before i’m stuck at the gutter for all eternity… :P

  3. Ahem.This sounds like the first chapter of a certain BL manga where the employee says that “he could satisfy the boss” intensely.XD


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