A confession

Yesterday’s recap.

So today, while we were discussing the Jogoya 50% off for females promo, I invited zen (the male intern) that he join us… and while Karen Jie Jie suggested that he wear a pencil skirt, I suggested that he wear instead female slacks, blouse and shave off his stubble. His reaction:

Zen: [Grayfox], help me!

Grayfox: You should get Chris to go, then he’ll protect you.

Zen: *In firm tones* I’d rather have Chris back.

*Falls over laughing*

6 thoughts on “A confession”

  1. Naoko, you are evil! 😛

    Btw, the Jogoya thingy, is it lunch or dinner?

    Geminianeyes: If we go from Monday to Thurs… dinner.

  2. Someday, I will understand this, milady Nao.

    Someday, this will make sense.

    SOMEDAY, all the cunning curvature, the twists and turns and kinks and switchbacks and alleyways and corners of your mind will be as an open book to me, missy!

    Today… Is not that day.

    ((*Ignores understanding and just accepts*))

    ((*Sneaks a lingering kiss in while He can, though; poor muse has no time to play, limbering up for NaNo*))

    Geminianeyes: ^^l I thought I was easy to understand.


  3. You have hidden depths, dear lady. Lots of them.

    And pretty well hidden, at that… And now, apropos of nothing at all, I want to be childish and give you Internet noogies. There is no explanation!

    *Noogies.. but lightly*

    Geminianeyes: Ouch!

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