Power of Words

One should never underestimate the power of words. While it may not always be as attention-grabbing as pictures, one can deduce pretty well what the outcome is, say of a trial, by the words used and the sections highlighted.

When one plays politics with words, the wordsmith should take care. A spinner is not something to be proud of; you merely demonstrate the power of words without caring for what the consequences are.

Someone once asked me if I would take responsibility for my words. If someone were to commit murder because of something he’d read on my blog, or something I had written, would I take responsibility for being the inciter?

I cannot remember my response then, but I hold to this:

I am a wordsmith. I am a writer. I play with words. Words though, hold only the meaning you give it. I will not be responsible for the meaning YOU give to those words, for each of us holds different meanings of the same word. We see the same thing, but in different forms and through different layers of experiences.

So while I WILL be responsible for uttering those words, I will NOT be responsible for the meaning you give to those words. That means I won’t be responsible for the actions YOU take upon reading my words, for how can I control you?

The choices we make are ultimately ours. The choices we make are ours, and ours alone. You may not be able to see before you make a choice the full consequences of your actions, but you are alone responsible for actually making that choice, as opposed to the consequences.