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Do you sing in the choir?

These guys are really hilarious.

Our Goddess of Wind was playing Tarzan’s “You’ll be in my heart” while TL was talking to Chris:

TL: *Changes topic from work* I want you and zen to sing together.

Chris: Zen doesn’t sing.

TL: He’s in the choir!

Chris: Really?

TL: *To zen about singing* Zen, your Chris is calling you.

Zen: *In a omg not again voice* Yes Chris?

Chris: *In saccharine tones* Do you sing in a choir?

Zen: *In lovey tones* Yes.

*Falls over laughing* I love my workplace.


Sometime later, upon prodding from TL:

Chris: Zen is my fling. LC still has hope. [Grayfox] is my slave.

Chris: *After he sees me typing* Are you blogging?


And some randomness:

2 thoughts on “Do you sing in the choir?”

  1. i’m no one’s slave! :P
    well, except being mintos’s temp slave for CF, i’m no one ELSE’s slave! :P

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