Something to think about

I know there are a lot of daughters who are lucky that their mothers are very supportive of everything they do, although there are some of the usual arguments. This one is dedicated to the daughters whose mothers live through them, often forgetting that these daughters aren’t the dolls they played with when they are small.

Mothers who do this to us are often mothers who felt they made bad choices, and they see in their daughters a chance to pursue their dreams instead. For them, the eternal regret of not taking the other road is assuaged by the fact they have daughters, and it is through these daughters that they will finally be able to live.

They forget we are humans. They forget that us daughters are humans like them and not dolls. In fact, it’s a vicious cycle. Mothers do to their daughters what their own mothers did to them. The cycle has to break, somehow or another.

Mothers, step off. Move back. We are your children yes, but we are not children. We are not your dolls. We love you, but do not break us. Please recognise, you know what YOU want for us, but do you know what WE want for ourselves?

Do you really know what’s best for us, or do you know what’s best for us IF you were us?

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