Remember, don’t sleep and write

Or you’ll get something like this:

Still, she would not put it past the Goddess to treat her like a slave. She behaved much the same way that as the other Divine Beings did; treating everyone like they were pawns until they (the pawns) were about to be captured.

The Goddess had twice helped the Queen out of sticky situations. In return she gave them 1,000 gold to recreate the most majestic show of his love… when he is married! Did you not know that the Eldest Suns made noisiest sons? They were incensed by the thought of marrying a mortal so as to bind them to the world. Most preferred bacholerette. Daisy was one such girl. The Bull God had rejected her as a present she’s not within my jurisdiction. These Eldest SOns of the Sunt, he said thererdoub. It’ll be paid to facefich,

The QUeen wondered why her attentions had turned to lingerie instead.


2 thoughts on “Remember, don’t sleep and write”

  1. Hooray for half-asleep writing! :]
    I wonder if any actual coherent plot could be salvaged from this. Actually, considering how it seems to be going, maybe deleting it is the better idea. It’s awesome fun, though. :] Thanks for posting it.

    Geminianeyes: Thank you! A friend has suggested that I sleep write more, and I think I may just do that soon, but not for the main Nanowrimo doc. 😛

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