Donations Wanted!

For Nanowrimo. As it’s their 10th Anniversary this year, they’re looking to get at least 10% of their registered users to donate.

I am going to make my first round of donations to Nanowrimo soon (by Saturday, latest). I’m going to be making a donation of RM38 (because according to xe.ucc, the rates for today is USD10 = RM35.27).

If anyone wants to join me, they are welcome to. Anyone who wants to donate, please let me know by tomorrow evening and the money + their nano nicknames by Thurs evening. I use mainly Maybank, but if you have Public Bank access that would be better as my card is from Public Bank. 😀

Also, because of current exchange rates, may I request a minimum donation of RM10 (USD 2.5 is around RM8.80), so would like a bit of a buffer. If the rate doesn’t go up by the time I donate, I’ll give you all RM1.20 back. Or buy you teh tarik/nasi lemak, whichever you prefer.

So, are you all in? :3