Nanowrimo 08 Challenge

So [Erna] issued a challenge to Malaysian Nanowrimo-ans last week during the Kick-Off Party. The prompt was: Insert the phrase, “You, Me and Your Psycho Ex-Girlfriend” ANYWHERE in your novel. It can be your title, a TV show, a musical, anything. I swear I didn’t know what my muses were thinking when they came up with this snippet:

“You’re kidding, right? The audience won’t believe this! And neither will I! We’re a comedy show, not some fundamentalist preacher show! Go and write something else! We won’t buy this script!” the producer threw the stack of papers at the old couple.

“You said you wanted a story that was true. This is it,” the girl defended her work, while the boy watched quietly.

“You, Me and Your Pscyho Ex-Girlfriend already has this concept! I don’t see how your script can top that! They even have necrophilia, for goodness sake! Incestual necrophilia! Now every scriptwriter with a fetish for the undead is coming out of the woodwork! I don’t want to know how Bozo the dog humped Grandma’s leg when she was dead!” the producer was spluttering by now. “And I don’t want anything that even implies that anyone should pray before a Golden Bull in front of Wall Street for the economy! Haven’t I told you all NO current events nonsense?”

Kudos to anyone spotting the Golden Bull video. 😛

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