Red eyes = supersition?

There’s a superstition in Malaysia that says that if you see an obscene thing (mostly of the pornography type) your eyes will turn red. [Grayfox] had been sitting in his seat for the past 5 minutes or so after returning from seeing some “questionable” videos on a certain site we were working on.

Mike, on the other hand, was rubbing his eyes.

TL: Mike, wash your face and stop rubbing your eyes.

Mike: No, I want to rub my eyes.

Me: He wants to fall sick so he doesn’t have to meet our client like someone else in the office.

TL: Ooooo! Rub some more!

Mike: Who?

Me: Someone la. *Turns to [Grayfox]* OMG Grayfox’s eyes are already red!

Office: LOL.

Chris: Is it because you saw something dirty at F’s place?

Office: LOLX5.