I got home today to try the wireless network and it didn’t work. Edrei suspected I could have missed a step earlier and so I tried to follow the steps in this manual all the way from the beginning again.

My first attempt after configuring everything (but I stopped before the MINE config steps as I was just using the standard WPA and not WPA-Enterprise) was a failure. I restarted the machine and tried again, following the advice of one of a forumer to restart Mizi after each config.

It worked. I was now connected.

I took Mizi out to the hallway to watch a movie with bro and dad, but the connection died. Again the DHCP lease error returned, but all I did was to restart Mizi again and I am now connected. I think Mizi doesn’t take too well to being put into suspended animation before connecting, because when I did that, she refused to connect.


PS: Casino Royale (the remake) feels like a very cheap spy movie. There is no class in it whatsoever. Urgh.