Idiots? You bet!

Edit: I want to make it clear that I’m not bashing Islam. What I wrote below isn’t an attack on Islam, but of some people who follow it. Islam the religion itself is beautiful, and most Muslims are really nice people, but like all religions, there are always the fanatics, and there are always those who use religion as a shield to hide their own fetish and thoughts.

A lot of people have a problem with Islam because they say Islam steps on a woman’s rights. One of them is the way a woman dresses. Many Muslims say it’s the responsibility of a woman to dress decently because if they dress sexily, then they shouldn’t be surprised if they are raped, and I agree with the dress decently part, but I don’t agree with them on the rape bit.

This guy is someone who things women should be blamed if they get raped. (warning: Malay/Kelanatanese heavy-blog).
He’s featuring pictures of “sexily-dressed women who don’t know how to cover themselves” and passing judgement on them. This entry in particular, shows such a mentality:

Tengok amoi yang pakai skirt tu, punya seksi, terseksa jiwa lelaki yang menengoknya. <-- Translated, it means "Look at the girl wearing the skirt, it's too sexy, torture to the men who see it." One wonders what kind of torture. The basic rule of thumb is if you don't like it, don't see it! Don't take pictures of her to justify your own desire. Kau punya nafsu tak boleh control, nah suruh orang tutup pulak sebab kau punya kelemahan. Memang iman lemah tu. Kidchan said it best, but I don’t think the guy understands English.

Edit: I forgot about this until I posted: Tahniah! Anda bukan sahaja menunjukkan anda seorang Muslim yang berwibawa, tetapi anda juga jahil. Sejak bila Islam membenarkan anda memalukan orang? Nak cakap pasal aurat, diri anda yang tak bersih. Selamat bercuti di Neraka! (Translated: Congrats! You’ve not only shown yourself to be a conscientious Muslim, but also a naive one. Since when did Islam allow you to embarrass a person? You want to talk about aurat but your own self is impure. Happy Holidaying in Hell!)

3 thoughts on “Idiots? You bet!”

  1. encik.. sebagai seorang islam anda patut menundukkan mata anda bukannya melihat dan menangkap gambar wanita di sekeliling anda…

    seriously malay ppl like this – I cannot stand..

  2. Erm. I don’t have anything to say against that guy since everyone else have said it, but I’d really appreciate if you didn’t say something demeaning about Islam/ Muslims in general.

    I’m not one of those radical thinkers, but I love my religion. Sure I think the guy is wrong but Islam never meant to sound so forceful in the first place. I hope you could change the first paragraph, blame it on his upbringing rather than his religion instead. Thx.

    Geminianeyes: Noted. Thanks for the comment.

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