Playing Tricks

So today I opened one of Alison of Lotus Tarot’s emails after not opening the past few and the card she talks about?


Specifically Death as Transformation, and there is a specific sentence that mixes the Phoenix and Death.

*Looks at Celeste* I don’t know what you’re trying to say, dear muse, but I just wrote that piece about you being a Phoenix yesterday. Don’t give me that cheeky face.

Edit: I forgot to mention this yesterday in the chase for more words for Nanowrimo and trying to fix Ubuntu (which fixed itself with a kernel update o_O).

When I went into the nanowrimo channel on IRC, I was met with something surprising. Hello Thanatos, the God of Death whose job Celeste took over in the story.

*Facepalms* I’m headed for massive transformation soon, right? And not real death, I hope. :S