[Shorts] Piano Keys

Nothing to do with Nanowrimo. A quick one I whipped up while listening to Yui Makino’s Amrita from the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (?) soundtrack.

The piano lay unused.

Oh, it shone. She had made sure of it. The ivory and ebony keys shone softly in the sunlight when she opened the curtains in the morning. Lovingly, she had dusted the keys, wiping them down very gently once in a while to make sure the keys were still worked.

Yet she had never heard anyone play the piano. Oh, the master entertained his guests there, but no one had touched the piano. It seemed such a shame and a waste to leave it just there.

A year after she started working in the mansion, she could no longer resist the temptation. In the morning sun, her chores done, and the master out, she sat herself at the grand piano and touched the keys gently.

The ivory felt cool to the touch, even though the sun had been warming it gently. With fingers that soon regained their confidence, she began to play. Unbidden, a song rose in her mind. She gave into the impulse and began to sing.

Massugu ni hada ni ochiru ryuusei
anata ni furu ame ni naru amurita

She did not have the powerful range of a soul singer, nor did she have the high-pitched, “watery” voice of a pop star. What she did have was a pleasant voice, suited for a girl who loved music but with only enough talent to enjoy it. That made the song immensely pleasant for the listener.

He listened quietly in his office through the open door. With a smile, he settled back into the chair to continue working on his reports. He would not mention it to her. At least the piano was finally being used.

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  1. the story gives me a feeling of i’ve read the scene in some manga before. XD Nice, i want to know the rest. *urges nao to continue writing*

    Geminianeyes: Hahah, thanks Tsubasa! Actually I was inspired by both the song and a scene from Little Women.

    This is a one-piece short though, so I may not continue it, but since it’s under the Office Meido category I might add it later to the story. 😛

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