[Keys to Twilight] Rant


I wish my characters would be more like the following cut. It’s nice to see them interacting instead of me just taking down their thoughts. Plus I love it when they bicker/talk to each other nicely. *Is bricked by said muses* Ow. This takes quite a bit deep into the story. Think 32-33k words deep.

On another note, I am loving my default Ubuntu icons, and I love having a dark theme that just works.

Kishan groaned as he helped Naoko up. In the fight, he had forgotten that Knuko brought four assistants with him and not two; the girl with the crossbow and the boy with the ancient eyes were helping Knuko up, transferring their essence and power to him. He was a leech like this. The two sides stood opposing each other; one near the edges of the circle and the other in the centre of the clearing. While Knuko looked like he was recovering, Kishan felt battered in and out. Naoko, on the other hand, knew she was battered physically and mentally.

“We need to get away,” Kishan whispered.

“I know. Sukina calls.”

“She has the worst sense of timing,” that made Naoko laugh.

“So, I’m no longer the worst then?”

“Don’t make me nudgie you.”

They were alive for the moment, and that was all that mattered.

“Something’s not right though. If Sukina went to Aiureelian…”

“You’re certain of that?”

“Yes. Plenia saw it. Sukina went to fight with Aiureelian. She managed to seal him, but she cannot get out of there on her own.”

“So why does Knuko still seem to be so powerful?”

“Could Knuko have left his…”

They looked in horror as the same thought occurred to them. No one had said anything about non-existent beings not being able to have children!

“We should examine this carefully,” Kishan said slowly, as though saying such a thing would diminish its importance.

“There’s nothing to examine. Aiureelian used Knuko to anchor himself in this reality, as did Knuko use Aiureelian. However, Knuko must have had another anchor here; otherwise he would not be able to retain his form after Aiureelian was sealed by our sister. Something else is making Knuko stick to this reality instead of completely disappearing,” Naoko reasoned.

“Would they actually have been able to remain in this reality with just the two of them?”

“The Creator modified the rules after Aiur was destroyed. As long as you have faith, you can exist. Sometimes you don’t even need faith; just the knowledge that you exist is enough.” Kishan knew that Naoko was referring to their Goddess. Death was a fact of life most people accepted, though not many believed in her as a Goddess.

“A child would be able to do that?” Kishan went back to their original topic.

“He would have been a child of two realities. And by the simple fact that the child existed because of him, he can continue to exist. It’s less potent than the power of the God, but as long as the child did not die childless himself, Knuko can survive. Because the child had to come from somewhere, and even nothingness can be used as a reason to procreate.”

“You have no idea what you’re saying.”


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  1. “You have no idea what you’re saying.”


    Just because that’s awesome. Good stuff, madame!

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