Reaching a block

Yes, ANOTHER Nanowrimo rant (this one will be crossposted to Fiery Notes later).

So, I hit around 39k words before I slept last night (was aiming for 38.5k but the Word Wars! They compelllllllll me!) and I find myself at a block. I’ve more or less written myself into a spot. The girls are acting very Out of Character and I don’t know how to go on without completely suspending credulity. >>

I think I might as well take a break for now and continue much later, after I’ve gotten some sleep. And knowing my muses… inspiration will hit when we are about to go out for a walk.

1 thought on “Reaching a block”

  1. *pats*

    Yeah… take rest. Dun be like me type so much no rest till my character started referring herself as a third person…

    Geminianeyes: Too late. I think they are starting to refer themselves in third person already. 😛

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